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(scholarship up to 100℅)

PURPOSE:- the objective of the CSI-SAT is to provide financial assistance to meritorious students to meet a part of their day-to-day expenses while pursuing studies.

SYLLABUS OF THE TEST:- The scholarship test will consist of questions based on their previous class and current class syllabus. The test will cover all the subjects except Hindi and Sanskrit or any other language studied in school. The test consists of 100 marks and the duration will be 30 minutes.

Eligibility:- every student from classes 6th to 12th is eligible for the test.

Registration process:- enrollment for the scholarship will be done by registration. The mode of registration can be offline or online.

Mode of test:-

  1. Online mode:- Test link will be shared with you by WhatsApp Or mail.
  2. Offline mode at CSI:- you can visit our Institute premises for offline tests.
  3. Test at your home:- you can book a home visit for a test and further information.

Results and admission:-the Institute will evaluate the performance of the students. The scholarship will be provided based on their last scores.

Benefits of CSI-SAT:-

  • Provide financial assistance to students with weaker financial backgrounds.
  • To analyze the strength and weaknesses of the students and work on his/her weak area.
  • It improves students’ performance and helps the student to focus on his/her goals.