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RANKERS-ONE YEAR CLASSROOM PROGRAM For students who passed VII &  going to Class VIII this year

The objective of the course:-

The primary objective of the course designed for Class 8 students is to provide them with a comprehensive education that caters to their academic assessments as well as future competitive endeavors, including school examinations and prestigious competitions such as NTSE, NSEJS/IJSO, Pre-RMO, and RMO. The course aims to offer students a well-rounded learning experience, equipping them with a strong grasp of subjects, conceptual clarity, effective study techniques, problem-solving abilities, and the confidence necessary for excelling in board exams. Furthermore, it aims to establish a solid foundation for competitive exams like NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and Olympiads. By enrolling in this program at an early stage, students can seamlessly adapt to the heightened academic standards they will encounter in Class XI and XII, thereby gaining an advantage over those who choose to join a coaching institute at a later stage.

Course structure:-

Subject Coverd:-Science, Math, S.S.T, Computer, and mental ability Based on the syllabus CBSE/ICSE/JAC Boards and Foundation for IIT JEE and NEET, foundation for NTSE and NSEJS (Jr. Science Olympiad ) Regular class by experienced Faculty team. Daily practice problem (DPP) Doubt session twice a week, Chapterwise & unit wise test, Recorded video of each lecture, Pdf notes of each class will be provided, Regular feedback & test analysis sessions.

The academic operations team is committed to providing feedback to students and parents beyond the scheduled parent-teacher meetings. They are available to address concerns, provide guidance, and offer feedback to students at any given time.

DURATION:-9- 11 months.

Class schedule:- 4 days of class in a weak 3 classes each day

Get a head start – surpass the competition by beginning early:- Ambitious students who aspire to succeed and secure top ranks in the IITs understand the importance of starting their preparation for JEE, NEET, and NTSE at an early stage. As the competitiveness of exams like JEE Main & Advanced and NEET continues to rise, building a strong foundation in the core concepts becomes crucial from the beginning. The CSI early edge programs are specifically designed to offer ambitious students an added advantage, propelling them towards achieving top ranks in JEE Main & Advanced and NEET.

By starting early, students gain an edge in adapting to the significant leap in difficulty levels more easily. Sufficient time is allocated to comprehending and consolidating concepts, spread across a comprehensive academic plan. Optimal utilization of time ensures maximum productivity. Early starters have a longer duration before the actual board exams, engineering entrance exams, and other competitive or scholastic assessments. They complete their course curriculum well in advance compared to those who begin later, providing them with ample time for self-revision, performance enhancement, refining examination temperament, and addressing last-minute doubts. This is pivotal for achieving substantial improvement in their ranks.

Since dedicated aspirants strive to avoid delay, the early batches attract the most talented and committed students, fostering a higher level of competition that enthusiasts seek. By joining CSI and taking tests earlier, students gain additional time for their academic pursuits while benefiting from lower fees.